A Sketch plugin to easily edit your nudge distance settings.

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Sketch 41+, macOS Sierra (10.12) Required


What is Nudged?

Nudged is a Sketch plugin that allows you to quickly and easily edit your Sketch's nudge distance settings.

Allowing you to nudge by specified intervals or space objects based on a given pixel size. Great if you are using a 8-point/custom grid where nudging by the default 10px doesn't make sense.

Supports decimal values. If you've always wanted to be able to nudge by 0.5px - Well now you can!

Nudged - Sketch Runner Integration
Nudged - Sketch Runner Integration

Nudged uses Sketch's default Arrow Keys for Small Nudges, Shift + Arrow Keys for Big Nudges and Ctrl + Alt + Arrow Keys to Nudge by a Custom Value

Quickly reset to Sketch's default Nudge settings by using Ctrl + Alt + 0

Integration with other plugins like 'Sketch Runner' to work seamlessly with your own creative workflow. Settings are persistent and global. Adjust them on the fly to suit your needs for each project.



Important - Make sure you have the latest version of Sketch App installed (Sketch 41+) and running macOS Sierra (10.12).

  • 1. Download and unzip "".
  • 2. Double click on "sketch-nudged.sketchplugin" to install.

Alternatively if you use either the SketchRunner Plugin, SketchToolBox or SketchPacks for MacOS, just search for "Nudged" and install from there.


Help & Support

Found a bug or having issue using Nudged?

Firstly please check Nudged's Github issue page for any known bugs or temporary workarounds/solutions.

Found something new? Please create a new issue by filling out a bug report. Please provide as much infomation as you can, this will help us to replicate and debug the issue.

New update ideas and feature requests also welcome.


Change log

    • Added support for Sketch 66+
    • Fixed issue that stopped Nudged from getting updates notifications
    • Added/Updated Logo
    • Fixed UI bug #9 where arrows went missing on inputs
    • Changed plugin Shortcut to Ctrl + Alt + n
    • Added Custom Nudge input
    • Added smarter UI with a number of usability enhancements
    • Added 'Reset' button to settings window
    • Added Quick Reset Shortcut Ctrl + Alt + 0
    • Added integration with Sketch App's Update System
    • Added integration with Sketch Runner
      • First Release
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    Licence Info

    Nudged is currently 'free' for everyone...

    But if you use Nudged professionally in your daily workflow it's alway great karma to give a little back. So optionally you can support Nudged's development by buying a User Licence.

    • Single User Licence

      One person use only, can use on multiple machines. Great for Freelancers, Designers and Students.

      Priced at an affordable £2 (minimum).
      (Less than a cup of Mermaid branded coffee)

      Buy licence

    • Bulk Commercial Licence

      Studio use only, can use on multiple machines. Great for Creative Agencies and Studios.

      Contact me via twitter for more info.
      Please include your studio's details and requirements.

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    I've created this handy PressKit that contains a bunch of Info, Icons, Screenshots, and some useful links.

    Download PressKit